Frozen Cherry Yogurt Drops

I found this recipe idea on Glamour. What an absolutely creative idea! I made my version with frozen cherries, I love chowing down on a bowl of frozen cherries in front of the TV at night for dessert and the added frozen yogurt really gives that extra decadent twist.

I think most people are aware by now that berries (and cherries) are high in antioxidants but I recently discovered that cherries also contain the sleep regulating hormone, melatonin. Melatonin is produced by the brain and recent studies have shown that some people start secreting melatonin later in the day than others, thus affecting the ability to get to sleep at a reasonable hour, so if you are a night owl give this late night snack a go, it might help you get a little extra shut eye!

Read more on cherries and sleep here


  • Frozen dark sweet cherries
  • Low fat vanilla Greek yoghurt
  • Cinnamon powder (optional)


Line a freezer safe tray with baking powder. Empty yogurt contents into a shallow bowl. Stir in desired amount of cinnamon powder into yogurt. Pour frozen cherries into yogurt mix, gently fold until coated then carefully remove each cherry with your fingertips or a toothpick and drop onto baking sheet.

Place in the freezer for about minimum an hour.



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