Following The Eighty / Twenty Rule

I love food. Be it enjoying a great meal out with my loved ones or cooking special dishes to share with friends. But I am also very health conscious and believe that being good to your body through balanced eating and fitness is the key to physical and emotional wellbeing. I was not always so attune to the importance of being healthy and I know that a bad diet and a lack of exercise affects my mood, motivation and confidence and I am certain I am not alone. I think we easily forget that food is the fuel for our body, if you are not putting quality in then how can you expect quality to come out?

Being healthy does not mean the end of enjoying great food and wine, if you can learn enjoy things in moderation then there is no reason you cannot indulge occasionally with your favorite treats.  Following the simple rule of eighty percent of the time eating healthy (think fresh organic vegetables, fruit,  grass fed animal protein, eggs with a little bit of high fiber carbohydrates such as legumes, nuts and a small amount of gluten free grains – see my 80 Pecent Foods), and twenty percent of the time allowing a little indulgence. This means you are not creating unrealistic expectations around diet by depriving yourself of certain things you  love to eat. Learning to cook and bake helps to connect you with what you are eating; so many people these days buy everything pre-packaged or takeaway they never even stop to think about what ingredients go into what they are eating and what impact it might have on their bodies.

My site offers delicious recipes that are broken up into 2 categories;

  • 80 percent dishes which are healthy, nutritious meals you can enjoy any day of the week
  • 20 percent dishes which should be reserved for an occasion or a ‘treat’
I would also like to note that no matter how healthy something is it is still extremely important to control portion sizes, particularly if you are trying to lose weight.

I am a Personal Trainer and I tell my clients that if they can follow The Eighty/Twenty Rule, that is for eighty percent of the time you are eating home cooked, healthy meals prepared with fresh and ideally organic ingredients then the remaining 20 percent you can indulge a little out at dinner with friends or buying that scoop of gelato on a Sunday afternoon… I think that learning to enjoy healthy cooking is the key to weight management along with forming a good relationship with food so that you do not feel restricted from everything but instead can learn to ‘save’ your indulgences for the right time and right place. Sticking to The Eighty / Twenty Rule will help you keep your body and mind healthy and happy.


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