Further Reading

Nothing is more powerful than taking charge of your health and wellbeing. So much of the information mass media has been feeding us over the last few decades regarding diet and health is completely out of whack. It can be a difficult process changing your mindset around food choices and habits you have been told were the right ones for so long. I know it was not an instantly easy change for me!  Taking the time to read books, websites and blogs can help inspire and open your eyes to the logic of healthful eating.  Ill be continually updating this section as my quest to improve my knowledge continues.  Click on the images below to obtain more information and where to purchase or download a copy.

Precision Nutrition, Dr John Berardi 

Paving the way for many individuals towards adopting healthier & happier lifestyles


How To Eat Move And Be Healthy, Paul Chek

How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

The Weston A. Price Dietary Guidelines for Cooking and Eating 

Healthy 4 Life

The Paleo Diet, by Dr Loren Cordain


The Metabolic Typing Diet, By Dr William Wolcott


Good Calories, Bad Calories, By Gary Taubes

Good Calories, Bad Calories


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