Lauren JohanHi there,  Lauren here.  I’m an Australian adventurer currently living in New York City. I’m a certified Personal Trainer and weight loss nutrition & wellness coach with a passion for fitness and healthy living… I’m also a self-confessed foodie with a love for travel and wine! My constant pursuit to further develop my knowledge in nutrition and fitness has led me to discover there is so much diverse and often conflicting information out there about how to effectively lead a healthy lifestyle. I want to share with you what I learn in my constant pursuit to improve my own knowledge and to encourage others on their journey towards a healthy and balanced approach towards fitness and food. A fad diet that restricts someone of one of life’s simple pleasures is not sustainable in the long-term. You may lose the weight initially but unfortunately 9 times out of 10 the weight will creep back on once ‘normal’ eating habits resume.

That’s why I follow the The Eighty Twenty Rule with eating. Gluten-free, unprocessed, fresh, wholesome and nutritious foods eighty percent of the time so you can allow some guilt free indulgence twenty percent of the time (some of my tasty gluten free baked goods are practically guilt free!). My recipes are here to show you that healthy eating does not mean uninspired eating and that you can enjoy delicious and satisfying meals every night of the week. You will see that all of my recipes are gluten-free. This started initially as my husband is celiac (gluten intolerant which means no wheat, rye or barley). During more discussions with other professionals in the fitness industry, doctors, nautropaths and my with my clients I have come to realize how common wheat intolerance is in people and how it can show up in many different forms from lethargy, bloating, general inflammation, digestion issues, sleep problems and joint problems.

Over the past few years as I have begun exploring the world of gluten-free cooking I have realized how incredibly easy it is to cut out of your diet with a little weekly pre-planning. I have drastically reduced my consumption of wheat in my diet which has improved my energy levels throughout the day. Having said this, I still enjoy a delicious fresh-baked italian loaf of bread or a slice of cake from my favorite bakeries every now and then, I just make sure to save these as my occaisional ‘twenty percent’ treat foods. That’s what is so good about following The Eighty Twenty Rule!

We all want a long prosperous life we can enjoy with vigour. Having the strength and motivation to make improvements in your level of health and fitness will progress through all areas of your life. Small changes can lead to big things. I truly believe that the fitter and healthier you are, the happier your life will be and I don’t think that has to mean giving up the things you love!

Lauren Johan